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pMessenger LE (WITH PUSH) artworkpMessenger LE (WITH PUSH)
Hambel Software

Genre:Social Networking
Price: Free
Release Date: November 07, 2009

pMessenger is an iPhone to iPhone messenger


You run the App and it works !!

- Add a contact by PMiD
- Add a contact by e-mail sent from your iPhone
- Add by Facebook friends directly in the Application

ALWAYS REACHABLE : ( if you want to )
- You are reachable 24/7
- You are connected even if the App doesn't run
- pMessenger use PUSH NOTIFICATION technology
- You can set your statut to offline

- pMessenger encrypt all your messages
- Only you and your contact can see the uncrypted messages
- pMessenger doesn't gather any personal information
- pMessenger won't ask you for your telephone number
- pMessenger won't ask you for your e-mail

- Choose :
* Your Background
* The color of the incoming/outgoing message's bubble
* Choose the font and size of message
* The name your contacts will see
* Your Icon your contacts will see
* Your statute your contact will see
* Activate the vibration for reception
* Activate the sound for reception
- Create your group and organize your contacts
- You will never loose your contact even after a restore

You do not have acknowledgement of receipt on the Free version. Only in the paid version you will be able to check the status of the message you have sent (Received/Read)

© Hambel Software


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