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Sonocaddie Golf GPS artworkSonocaddie Golf GPS

Price: Free
Release Date: February 04, 2010

Sonocaddie Golf GPS- Trial
Enjoy your golf game with a brilliant caddy on your phone. Try it now!

Use Your iPhone as a Golf GPS
◆24,000+ Worldwide Full Color Course Layouts!
◆No Annual Fees!
◆Better Graphics and Easier User Interface!
◆No 3G signal Needed During Play!

WHY is SONOCADDIE a Better Choice in Smartphone Golf GPS?

FEATURES for iPhone 3G & 3GS (support with 3.1.3 version):
◆Full Color Layout Yardage Guide
Our full color layouts are mapped by knowledgeable golf course mapping professionals. Sonocaddie software provides a full-color, graphical view of the entire hole and precise distance information from any point on the course. The revolutionary user interface actually shows YOUR position on the course in real time. As you move to the next stroke location, your position will show and the distances to each target will be updated continually.
◆One Screen Tells All
Sonocaddie’s full color course layout shows the entire hole information in one screen. Unlike other software, Sonocaddie adjusts each layout image to fit your screen. Others using basic images are cumbersome and slow, they only show your part of the hole also force you to scroll around for seeing various targets. Our professional mappers have identified all the targets that come into play and show all in a single view.
◆No Annual Fees
A one-time membership allows you for unlimited worldwide course download.
◆Longer Battery Life
With Sonocaddie, you don’t have to stay online to access the application because the course has been downloaded into your phone. Less online time extends longer battery life!
◆No 3G Signal Needed While Playing
There is no 3G signal needed while playing because the course can be downloaded into your phone. Many golf courses are in poor 3G coverage areas which can lead an intermittent inability to access the critical yardage information.
◆No Computer Needed to Access Course Database
You may access and download up to 20 courses into your smartphone directly over the air with no computer needed. Download your preferred courses for your convenience or on your way to the course.
◆Shot Distance Measurement
Are you curious about your driving distance? Here is a solution for you: The Mark function will allow you to have a quick and precise yardage in your hand. Simply press one button before/after taking the shot then walk to the landed ball will you see the result. The Mark function can be also used for the driver for every other club as well. It really provides you with an excellent tool to know your distance.
◆Digital Scorecard and Game Analysis
Replace your paper scorecard! Sonocaddie software will automatically calculate the total score with a simple touch of the button. You can know how you did on the front and back 9 holes easily. It will also present a summary of your round even analyze statistics and the score with calculated rational and percentage.
◆Game Tracker
Sonocaddie software can record locations for each shot on the screen. The information can be stored to your phone so you may review the round on a later date.
FEATURES for iPod Touch and Non-GPS iPhone:
◆Full Color Layout in One Screen
iPod Touch and non-GPS iPhone user can access a full-color, graphical view of the entire hole information on Sonocaddie Golf GPS.
◆No Annual Fees
◆No Computer Needed to Access Course Database
◆Internet Connection Only Needed When Accessing Course Downloads
For more information, please visit or call us:1-800-336-6264
Further questions about Sonocaddie software please feel free to contact

© All Rights Reserved@ Copyright Sonostar Inc.


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