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FencingRef artworkFencingRef
Jakatai Inc.

Price: $1.99
Release Date: July 17, 2009

FencingRef is the easiest way to record a pool sheet or referee a bout. Everything that you could possibly need is in the palm of your hand.

FencingRef can track a pool of four to eight people. Once the pool is started you are presented with all of the information you could need in an intuitive fashion. The pool automatically tells you who is fencing now and who is on deck. Beyond that you can view the bout order and easily rearrange the order. The application automatically calculates everyone's scores and indicators. After all of the bouts have been fenced, all of the fencers are given a place in the pool.

FencingRef has an easy and intuitive way of recording a bout's information. Everything you may need is there for you. In addition to the fully functional timer and scores for both fencers, you can assign penalties, give priority and allocate time for an injury. All of this does not interrupt the bout's information. You can also double tap the timer to increase the size of the start and stop button to minimize any errors when referring a bout.

The score keeper is accessible in two different modes. Although they both contain most of the same features, they do have slight differences. One is in conjunction with the pool sheet which shows you the names of the specific fencers and allows the information to be saved in the pool sheet. It also lets you swap which side the fencer is on to account for left handed fencers. The second mode that the score keeper is accessible from is a mode called Quick Match. Here the information of the score keeper is not tied to any pool sheet and refers to the two sides as left and right instead of by name. You can also define which period you are in to assist in refereeing a team event or a direct elimination round.

Other Features Include:
-Edit scores after a bout has been fenced
-Continue your last pool even if you need to quit the application
-Device vibrates when time starts, stops or is finished (iPhone only)
-Screen flashes to alert you that time in running out
-Tap anywhere on the screen to stop the timer
-Screen changes colors to show cards
-Red cards automatically add a point for the opponent
-Yellow cards are blocked out after being used once
-And much more

FencingRef is a perfect way to assist in refereeing a Fencing match but is also useful in recording information from a pool that you are participating in. It is useful for a club practice where you want to experience a pool without the hassle of setting up a pool.

FencingRef is always being updated and expanded based on the needs of the fencing community. I would love to hear any comments, questions, complaints or suggestions anyone may have. E-mail me at:

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