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Price: $1.99
Release Date: December 17, 2009

Please visit www.myflightinfo.com for full app details.

My Flight Info is the next generation in Flight information Applications. It will find the closest airports to you and provide full departure and arrivals information LIVE delivered to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

What makes this app better than the rest?

1. Is has over 5000 Airports in the app, so your not just stuck with the major airports. We do travel outside the US, right?
2. It has over 1000 Airlines supported in the app and covers code-sharing flights.
3. Built in images for airports using built in maps.
4. Upgrade option to add extra date coverage (view flights and setup notifications for 3 days ahead and one day prior).
5. Upgrade option to add unlimited Push Notification Status Updates direct to your device without even having the app running or without having to buy another version of the app.
6. It has weather information about your departure and arrival airport.
7. It has gate and terminal information where available.
8. Search by hour of the day instead of having a full list of flights to scroll through.
9. The information is clearly displayed instead of small font displays.
10. Bookmark your Airports and Flights for quick retrieval.
11. Email your itinerary to friends and colleagues.
12. It provides you with ticket information based on your 5 digit Amadeus Booking Reference.
13. Supports multi-segment flights.

You can search by Airport name or by Flight Number or simply choose one of the five closest airports to your current location displayed on a map.

Once you have chosen your flights you have an upgrade option to set up push notifications to be sent to your device 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours and even 4 hours before your flight departs or arrives.

The push notifications carry status updates on your flight such as scheduled and estimated times of departure and arrival.

The application contains information on weather and delays at your departure and destination airports and a Map of each airport.

Get this app now and start receiving updates on your upcoming flights immediately.

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What Happens When a Trans Woman Calls TSA's Special Hotline?
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