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Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 15, 2008

Next Flight provides you a list of available flights (from all Airline Carriers) for the day from any source to any destination.

If you ever missed a flight and wanted to see if there is another flight you can catch or if you finished up a meeting early and wondered if you can hop on to an earlier flight, then this application is your best pal.

Once you provide your origin, destination & departure date, the application lists all the available flights for the selected day from all airline carriers including their departure and arrival timings. You can drill down to the flights details which provides additional information like the Departure/Arrival timings, Terminal & Gate info so you need not hunt for information monitors at the airport.

This application is also a simple way to track all the flights running between two locations and track the flight status.

Next Flight Highlights

- Elegant & Intuitive User Interface
- Provides you a list of all available flights
- Works across 4200+ Airports worldwide
- Searches for flights from 1100+ Airline carries
- Filter flights by Airlines
- Searches for Non-stop flights only

The application provides information for the available flights for the current day and the following day. The application doesn't provide information beyond this range.

It is important to note that the application will only provide information for non-stop flights between locations.

If you have any feedback/suggestions/issues, please email us at support@touchmeme.com

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Mon, 13 Jun 2016 08:56:53 GMT

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How Aviation Ministry's new measures will make your next flight cheaper, easier
The News Minute
Following rising complaints by travelers against Indian carriers, the Civil Aviation Ministry has decided to step in with a slew of traveler-friendly changes. The Ministry particularly took note of the fact that over 4,000 flights were cancelled, and ...
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Thu, 09 Jun 2016 10:33:18 GMT

Money Magazine

The One App You Should Check Before You Book Your Next Flight
Money Magazine
Several major airlines offer flight alerts—though they'll only tell you about their fares, not their competitors'. “Kayak is quite good,” said Max Rayner, a partner at travel consulting company Hudson Crossing. Kayak lets users check prices on hotels ...


Wed, 08 Jun 2016 13:11:47 GMT


South Dakota corn may be fueling your next flight
The airline said the flights were the first ever to use fuel based on alcohol made from fermented corn. Both departed from Seattle -- one flew to San Francisco, the other to Washington D.C.. The biofuel was developed by Colorado-based Gevo (GEVO).

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Thu, 02 Jun 2016 13:38:17 GMT


5 things to know before your next flight
... to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Breaking News. U.S.+. Crime + JusticeEnergy + EnvironmentExtreme WeatherSpace + Science. 5 things to know before your next flight. U.S.WorldPoliticsMoneyOpinionHealthEntertainmentStyleTravelSportsVideo.

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Fri, 10 Jun 2016 16:52:17 GMT


Where do you want New Orleans' next nonstop international flight to go?
London appears the most likely addition to Armstrong's nonstop global flight roster, but England is not the only country with a notable number of tourists desiring access to New Orleans. So where will the next flight go? That could become clearer next ...
First Nonstop Flight Between San Diego And Germany Takes Off Next YearKPBS
Flight from New Orleans to Germany set to begin next spring, start at $399The New Orleans Advocate
Nonstop flight to Germany from MSY starts next summerWGNO

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New Shepard's parachute set to fail on next flight in the interests of safety
Blue Origin Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has revealed that when the New Shepard suborbital launch system takes to the skies later this month, the unmanned crew capsule won't come floating gently back to Earth. Instead, like a series of tests conducted by ...
How Blue Origin's New Shepard will keep passengers safe in case of a crashThe Verge
Bezos's Blue Origin Inks NASA Deal for Suborbital FlightsPC Magazine

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Mon, 06 Jun 2016 23:42:03 GMT

The Sun

Holiday hacks Want to be upgraded on your next flight? Never make this booking decision
The Sun
According to Cosmopolitan, choosing a seat when completing your online check-in means “you're sorted in the airline's eyes”. The theory suggests that leaving your options open makes you more likely to be offered a better place on the plane if the ...


Fri, 27 May 2016 16:26:00 GMT


Blue Origin's next flight will end in a crash-landing
While Blue Origin has shown it can successfully land a reusable rocket multiple times, the space tourism company will hit the ground a little harder on the next test. As Jeff Bezos announced this week, his space venture will intentionally crash the ...
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Blue Origin's Next Flight Will Crash-Land On Purpose: Jeff BezosTech Times
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Tue, 17 May 2016 09:01:57 GMT


How to avoid long TSA lines on your next flight
You've probably already heard horror stories about unusually long TSA security lines at airports, which may only get worse as the summer travel crush adds more travelers. While we wait for the TSA to fix this (mainly by adding more employees and trying ...

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Mon, 30 May 2016 14:18:50 GMT

The Sydney Morning Herald

Seatfrog will help you snag a last-minute upgrade on your next flight
The Sydney Morning Herald
It is less than 48 hours before a flight and the airline has processed all frequent flyer points upgrade requests and cash bids. But there are still business class seats available that are at risk of flying empty even though some passengers could be ...
This App Can Help You Score A Last-Minute Upgrade On Your Next FlightHuffington Post Australia

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