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Release Date: June 14, 2010

Dog Be Mine for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad was designed with dog lovers in mind. This American version of the award winning Italian app, Amico Cane, has everything you would ever want to know about dog breeds and breeders, house training, and is loaded with tips to help you keep your pup happy! Click "...More" to learn why you should download this App today!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ AmicoCane 4th in top 25 in Italy and 1st in Utilities

Dog Be Mine is a must have app for dog lovers. Whether you're an experienced dog owner or just picking out your first puppy, this app is loaded with tips, tricks and training advice to make your life easier. Dog Be Mine compiles the most up to date information from expert sources across the web, and packs it all into one powerful app.

If you're shopping for your first pup, have a look at the Dog Be Mine Breed Guide. Here you'll learn about the size, temperament and other characteristics of each breed to help you decide if it's the right dog for you. You can even surf the Flickr photo galleries right from the app, to help you recognize every breed on sight.

Once you've picked out your pooch, Dog Be Mine shows you what to expect after you take him home and more. Here are a few of the fun and educational features of Dog Be Mine:
•Choosing your puppy
•First steps
•Corrective actions
•Stress and phobias
•Stop bad habits
•Watch funny or informative dog videos on YouTube
•Shake your device and Dog Be Mine barks!

If you really love your dog, you probably have plenty of photos lying around. Why not share them with the world? Dog Be Mine does more than just let you view photos. You can also make your dog famous by uploading your favorite pics to our gallery, right from the app!

If you're an information hound, Dog Be Mine keeps you up to date with all of the latest news for dog owners and dog lovers. With one quick search you'll find up to the minute information on:
•Raising and training techniques
•Popular dog activities
•Proper nutrition
•And much more!

The easy to use search feature is worth its weight in kibble! There's no need to power up the computer and sort through thousands of irrelevant search results, when Dog Be Mine puts all of the most popular and important services right at your finger tips.

Since you take your device everywhere you go, you'll always have instant access to the nearest veterinarian or emergency animal hospital, kennels and boarding services, and even a complete list of pet friendly hotels. Dog Be Mine shows you each location on a convenient map, and can even automatically add your choices to your contacts or address book so you can directly call or email them.

From Airedales to Zuchons, this app has all the information, pictures, videos and advice you'll ever need to raise a happy, healthy dog. Whether you're a breeder, long time owner, or just plain love dogs, download Dog Be Mine now and see how much there is to learn about man's best friend!

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DogBeMine app helps you choose and raise a dog
Designed to be an exhaustive pocket resource for current and prospective dog owners, DogBeMine features a breed guide that includes pictures and complete information on more than 200 dog breeds. It includes a guide to help you choose your first puppy, ...

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