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Zones CRJ-200 Load Planner artworkZones CRJ-200 Load Planner
Eric Coronado

Price: $4.99
Release Date: June 13, 2010

Can you take a Jumpseater?
What's your Passenger limit?
How many Bags can you take?
Will we have to move passengers?

Zones lets you answer these questions before you get to the plane! Typically you can't get precise answers without running actual numbers through ACARS. Zones lets you know early exactly how you can load your plane.

Zones works by calculating the minimum and maximum cargo weights for a given load configuration, allowing you to see immediately the consequences of adjusting fuel or passenger loads.

* Zones closely approximates ACARS calculations. It is not an electronic manual manifest, it is much more accurate.

* Gives Min and Max Cargo weights for best-case passenger seating and also for specific zone loads.

* Full database of SkyWest aircraft.

* Knows and respects all limitations.

* Automatically adjusts to summer and winter weights.

Not all operators use the same weight and balance formulas. Zones is optimized for SkyWest, but should work where passenger zones are distributed 16/12/12/10 to a zone, adults weigh 190lbs, children 82lbs, and bags 30lbs.

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