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Release Date: June 03, 2010


Have you ever accidentally sent a picture to the wrong person by mistake?
Are you worried that the picture you're sending will be viewed by someone else besides the person you're sending to?
Would you be embarrassed if the picture you sent via MMS automatically popped up on their screen while someone else was using their phone?

Secure MMS is what you need. It will allow you to cover your picture with a default image using a password so only the recipient will be able to view it.

Secure MMS is the ONLY app that allows you to send private pictures over text messaging!

Here's how it works:
1. Pick an image from your photo library or snap a photo.
2. Lock the image using a password of your choice and tell your friend the password.
3. Copy and paste the locked image into SMS, or directly send the locked image via email to your friend.
4. Your friend can then copy and paste the locked image from SMS or email into Secure MMS, and unlock it using the password you gave them.
5. DONE! Now your friend can view and save the picture if they want.

Secure MMS is NOT meant to be another vault application that stores your pictures securely. There are several great apps out there that do that very well. Secure MMS is meant to cover your photos during transit so they aren't accidentally viewed by anyone else.

Secure MMS can be used for email-only devices, such as the original iPhone and iPad, but you will only be able to hide your pictures over email rather than MMS.

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