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Finger Scale artworkFinger Scale
Alarmed Publishing

Price: $0.99
Release Date: November 05, 2009

The Original Finger Scale!

Finger Scale is the most accurate and versatile digital scale available for your iPhone/iPod Touch. With finger scale, you can get an accurate estimate of the weight of many small objects such as jewelry, coins, or just about anything you can think of small enough to fit on your iPhone/iPod Touch. When used properly, Finger Scale can display results with unmatched accuracy! Great for anyone who needs a scale at just the right time.

Features include:
- Easily weigh objects in grams, ounces, carats, or grains
- Can be used anywhere you have your iPhone/iPod
- Tips to make sure you get the most accurate results
- Accuracy not available in any other app

Remove any cases/accessories and unplug any connected cables from the iPhone/iPod if necessary then lay it down on your index finger and balance it, making sure to line the center of your finger up with the 'Balance Point' line. Once the device is balanced, you can slightly roll your finger to angle the device (see 'Tips’ in application) and allow for heavier objects to be weighed. Press The 'Set/Reset' button before each weighing and be sure to hold as still as possible. Once the display shows a zero value place the object to be weighed at the marked location.Tap the readout any time to freeze it until you press 'Set/Reset' again. If the readout is changing quickly, hold as still as possible for a few seconds and it should slow to approximately the weight of the object.

To see a demo of how to use Finger Scale, head over to

*For the most accurate results, make sure to read through the tips by pressing the info button on the main screen before using.

© 2009 Alarmed Publishing


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