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Price: Free
Release Date: May 23, 2009

When you scan a 12-13 digit UPC, EAN or ISBN, barcodescan will automatically search a variety of providers to find relevant information. This provides super-fast access to user reviews, competing prices, and other details about the item.

*** Note: This version does not utilize iPhone’s camera, that functionality is built into barcodescan pro, which is available from IDC on the App Store. Search for “barcodescan pro” today and find out how easy it is to search when you don’t have to type anything!

Compare Product Prices
A penny saved is a penny earned. Save lots of pennies by comparing prices for your items at most major online retailers and participating brick and mortar stores. All prices and stores are easily integrated into a table for quick viewing. If you find a cheaper price online, open the link to purchase in Safari and order it on the spot.

Type Barcodes with Large Keypad
Prefer an alternate way to enter your barcode? Choose the style of barcode or have the app try to recognize the type and use the large keypad style button to enter the digits of your barcode. Watch a live preview of the barcode generated as you type like the one on the product.

Location Services
Every time you do a search for a product the location where you scanned it is recorded for your convenience later. When viewing items in a list the location where you scanned the item will show up.

Manufacturer Country Registration
For every UPC, ISBN, and EAN-13 barcode, the manufacturer registers their products with one of the GS1 main offices across the world. Barcodes have the location of the main office from which they are assigned encoded within them. The app takes the barcode and extracts this information. The country from which the barcode originates is then displayed in the detailed view alongside its flag. This doesn’t always indicated the country of manufacture.

Service Links
Additional contextual searches are automatically included for certain types of items. iTunes music store links are provided for music and movies. We’re also on a constant search for more providers, so drop us a line if one is missing.

Mobile Site Links
Every time you scan a barcode relevant mobile versions of sites are found and a quick link to them is provided. When a link is selected in the in-app web browser it opens inside the application. Great for quickly viewing sites using a slow connection!

Submit Product Information
No results for the barcode you scanned? Not satisfied with the information you got back when scanning an item? Contribute back to the database by adding missing details or fixing incorrect information. You can even take a picture of the label or other identifying information to have us enter it in one of the databases.

Save Lists of Items
Grocery lists, birthday presents, wish lists, anything you want. Any item can be moved or copied from the recent searches into a new list or an existing list. Rename the lists at will and more.

Share Lists and Items
Tired of sending your lists the old fashioned way? Did you find something great to share? You can compose an email within the App and attach the list or item, including links, the original barcode and the item’s description, plus your own custom message.

** At this time only the UPC, EAN, and ISBN barcodes are supported: check back for more options in the future. Arbitrary length barcodes and 2D barcodes are not yet supported! If you have problems with the app, please check out the FAQ on our site or email us for help! Send requests for more types to

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IBM even plans to leverage blockchains combined with Watson on the Watson IoT platform to make it possible for information from devices such as RFID-based locations, barcode-scan events, or device-reported data to be used with IBM's Blockchain and ...

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Amazon Dash Lets You Order Items Via Barcode Scan or Voice
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