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Dog Whistler Pro - Your Dog Whistle artworkDog Whistler Pro - Your Dog Whistle
Mobeezio, Inc.

Price: $0.99
Release Date: April 01, 2009

Now over 6 million Dog Whistler users!

** Consistently the most popular & best selling dog whistle application in the app store! **

Ranked in the top 20 paid utility apps.

Great overview of Dog Whistler by Animal Planet:

Take control and teach your dog new tricks via this simple to use dog whistle. Quickly initiate a variety of frequency sounds via the dog whistle interface.

Dog Whistler Main Features:

* Choose the desired frequency in the dog whistle by using the built in slider or by manually entering in the frequency.

* Select from multiple sound “Modes” within the dog whistle:
--- Manual
--- Continuous
--- Short Beeps
--- Long Beeps

* Use preset frequencies in the dog whistle or create your own

* * Great training app for your pet!

++ Besides a dog whistle, customers have reported using it as an anti-mosquito device, simple simple hearing test, and a tool to annoy others with its high frequency pitch.

For general info on dog whistles, the following is a useful Wikipedia link:

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