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Screen Cleaner Pro artworkScreen Cleaner Pro
Jared Judd

Price: $0.99
Release Date: March 26, 2009

This is the cutest way to have your device' screen cleaned. This app employs fourteen very cute dogs to lick your screen clean (English Bull Dog, Basset Hound, Miniature Schnauser, Chinese Hairless Crested, Maltese, Lasso Apso, Chihuahua Greyhound, Italian Greyhound, Lab Mix, Lab, german Shepherd, White Lab, Black Lab, English Cream Retriever, Golden Retreiver, German Shephard Lab Mix). Simply choose one of the fifteen dogs, and the dog you choose will lick your screen clean!

'Pro' benefits include longer videos (4x as long as the free version), more dogs to choose from, no ads, and all future updates are free. As more dogs are added they all will be included in this version. More Dogs are being hired by the week, and we'll see how quickly we can get them working on your device'.

15 Featured Dogs:
Meatloaf (2x) - English Bull Dog
LambChop - Basset Hound
Streusel (2x) - Miniature Schnauser
Biscuit - Chinese Hairless Crested
Lola - Maltese
Izzy - Lasso Apso
Kizzy - Chihuahua Greyhound
Gia - Italian Greyhound
Harley - Labrador Collie mix
Theo - Black Lab
Nelly - White Lab
Buddy - German Shepherd Boxer Mix
Harley - Golden Retriever
Annie - English Cream Retriever
Penny - German Shepherd / Lab Mix

Go with the original screen cleaning app, and get 15 dogs to choose from!

(Note: A Video of Dogs licking the inside of your device will not cause water damage, nor actually clean your screen)

Latest Version:
++ 2 New Dogs ++
+Penny (German Shepherd / Lab Mix)

-Now Dogs Continue Cleaning in a Loop!
-Click Anywhere to Stop Cleaning.

(Be sure to click on the paws located along the right hand side of the screen.)

© Jared Judd


Take a Spin

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