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GV Qualité

Price: $0.99
Release Date: February 22, 2010

This application will allow you to establish domestic or International Calls at very low prices.
Important: It is not a SIP application so the communication is crystal clear.
As we are using a callback method, you will not be charged by your Mobile Operator for the call (*)

More than 10 minutes (2) are offered during the launching of the application

Example of costs:

USA domestic call: 4 cents per minute for a landline/mobile
USA -> Canada:4 cents per minute for a landline
USA -> Jamaique: 49 cents per minute for mobile
USA -> Mexico : 23 cents per minute for a landline
USA -> Venezuala : 8 cents per minute for a landline
USA -> Hong Kong: 6 cents per minute for landline/cell
USA -> Philippines: 21 cents per minute for landline/cell
USA -> United Kingdom: 4 cents per minute for landline

So more than 200 countries are available and a cost simulator allow you to estimate your future calls.

The purchase of credits are included in the Application ans several packs are available.

To dial, it is very easy as you have access to your iPhone contact lists or the keypad.

(1) At the beginning of the call a few bytes are exchanged on the Data session.
(2) 50 credits are offered is approximately 10 minutes of domestic call.

© GV Qualite


Take a Spin

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