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Animated Emoji | Say More In MMS and Email with Animations artworkAnimated Emoji | Say More In MMS and Email with Animations
Bearded Pony

Price: $0.99
Release Date: June 12, 2010

Finally an app with every single Emoji you can possibly have plus hundreds of full size animated smileys, animals, words, and hand gestures to brighten your texts and emails too!

This is the last emoji app you will ever need! There are tons of great categories to choose from:

*Hand Gestures
...and more!

All you have to do is open the app and all of the emoji are right at your finger tips. Just click the one you want and click copy to email or text and you are ready to go!

With emoji you can say awesome stuff like:

Okie dokie 
 Call me!
 tonight?
Eat ! Poo eater
You're on 
Let's  like it's 1999 !
Go  yourself
I'm going to drop a  in the 
Cheers !
Let's 
That's 

Note: Text messages of animations require MMS. 1st Generation iPhones do not support MMS.

Check out all our other awesome apps by searching Bearded Pony in the App Store.

Animated Emoji is created by Bearded Pony, LLC

© 2010 Bearded Pony, LLC


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