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Doodle Pubbox artworkDoodle Pubbox

Price: Free
Release Date: May 14, 2010

*** Thanks to your votes on www.freeAppCalendar.com, Doodle Pubbox is free for a limited time! ***

A challenging and addictive puzzle game Inspired by famous flash game OrboxB.
A Puzzle type which is totally new in App Store.
As simple as guiding the box to the exit.
As addictive as you will still thinking about the puzzle when sleeping.
As challenge as you may spend hours to finish a level in Expert difficulty.

How to play:
Mode: Lead Pubbox to exit
1. Drag to move Pubbox to exit, Pubbox will only stop when it encounter with obstacle.
2. You lost when Pubbox fly outside the screen.
3. Observe and discover the path to exit.
4. Use blocks with special ability to help you reach exit.

Mode: Blow all bomb
1. Find a path to trigger all the bombs.
2. The path may not as obvious as you think. You need to plan carefully.

Mode: Push wooden box to exit
1. Push the wooden box to black spot.

* easy to learn, hard to master
*3 difficult level to challenge with
*10 different blocks
*30 unique levels
* More than 30 hours of gamplay, depends on how good you are.
*Addictive and a brain killer, it get really hard in expert level
*Keep track of which puzzle you have cleared

You can watch the gameplay trailer on youtube.

If you like Doodle Pubbox, do not hesitate to buy Doodle Pubbox Premium.
- It contain 60 challenging level.
- Will update to 90 level in coming months

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Update Log:
- all difficulty level are unlocked, you can play any level you want or skip any level you hate
- change sound of hitting wall
- block move slightly faster now
- trail travelled by block will be shown, this can help you solve the puzzle

If you have any problem. Email us at paperplanegs@gmail.com

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Take a Spin

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