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HELLKID : hook & jump artworkHELLKID : hook & jump
Justnine Co. Ltd

Price: Free
Release Date: February 04, 2010

HELLKID: hook & jump in collaboration with will be FREE today and today only

BREAKING NEWS: New Version supporting network play is just submitted! Download Now and practice before you get schooled by your friends or younger siblings!

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Customer Rating : ★★★★★ / ★★★★★ (4.8333 out of 5) - you gotta try and see if HellKid is this good! Blazingly fast paced, challenging, and mind boggling game you haven’t yet tried. Once you try, you will be hooked on to this addictive game!

See what the reviewers say about our game:

"Hellkid is an interesting game, beginning with the name, and ending with the graphics and gameplay. But it is very good, and really is addictive. The repetitive, but constantly changing fields of play. It’s a game that is best shown, not described. Try it, there is a lite version." -

"Get Hooked On HELLKID – One Hell Of An Addicting iPhone Game" -

"Take one part Hook Champ and one part Canabalt, mix them together and what do you get? You get Hellkid, a fun little high-score game that's a successful marriage of those two iPhone hits." -

"True story, I told my 13 year old daughter, who has an iPod Touch, about it and she has been hooked (hahaha PUN!) on it ever since." -

"Prepare to be hooked, this is devilishly addictive and fiendishly fun. One hell of a game!" -

"This is a highly polished title that comes packed with great features and is certainly worth the asking price." - Game of the Week by

"It’s perfect to combine the best aspects of Canabalt and Hook Champ in a new fun and engaging game. It’s even more addicting than the two games it shares qualities with, and that’s definitely saying something." -

"A Game for iPhone that's as much a challenge as it is addictive." - Critical Gamer

"Stop reading this, and go purchase it!"


- Item Shop (Various items you can use in the game)
- Valley of Soul (12 levels to clear)
- Valley of Despair (Extreme endless mode)
- Valley of Bones (Extreme hooking mode)
- Road of Perseverance (Continuous Pits)
- Road of Queerness (Continous Bone Towers)
- Global leader boards
- 50 or more Achievements to unlock
- Soccer Mode
- Submit scores to Facebook & Twitter
- Supports playing your own music
- Choose your own title to publish in the leader board
- Six different language support


- Touch to jump
- While you're jumping, touch the screen and hold to hook and swing
- Release your hold to tumble in the air

Try Full Version for Greater Fun and Features!

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▶Hole In -Fly through the holes collecting stars as quickly as you can!

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