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Camera Genius artworkCamera Genius

Price: $1.99
Release Date: February 07, 2009


Camera Genius spent over 2 weeks as the #1 Paid iPhone App! Buy now to find out why!

** Praise for Camera Genius **

"Camera Genius is a do-it-all app" - The New York Times

"A nice addition to a photographer's camera bag and a useful replacement for Apple's Camera app." - CNET

"I am putting Camera Genius on my home screen." - iPhone App Podcast

"Highly Recommended" -


** Whats New: **

*NEW* Video Mode. Now record videos with any iPhone including the 3G and 1st gen phone. Capture Videos on your iPhone. (Please Note: Zooming and other features for use with photos are not yet available for video mode.)

--- Improvements in the 1.9 version. ---

Edit the location stamp and add your own captions. Just tap the location to edit.

Burst Mode Shooting. Take 3 shots in rapid succession. (2 shots for 3G and 1st gen iPhones.)

Timestamp and Location can be added to photos. (Available via settings)

Confirmed Saving now lets you decide what photos to keep and delete when you take them. (Available via settings)

Share photos via email or through the clipboard.

Repeat timer allows you to capture multiple photos at intervals of 10, 15 and 30 second intervals.

Faster saving.

--- Improvements in the 1.5 version. ---

Tap to Focus now works for iPhone 3Gs.

Faster shot taking with iPhone OS 3.1. Now ready to snap the next shot quickly.

Improved photo review section. Now pan and zoom.

Guides User Interface.

Camera Zoom - Now zoom in on subjects to get that close up shot.

Camera Manual - Lots of hints on the best way to take photos on your iPhone.

Camera Genius is loaded with features you want in a camera app.

To start with you can capture group photos just by saying "cheese" or making some noise. Now capture that perfect shot just when everyone is ready.

Anti-shake stabilization helps eliminate those blurry photos.

A timer lets you setup timed group photos. You can set the interval between 2 and 300 seconds. Just tap the numbers when the timer pulls up to change the timing interval.

Camera guides help you compose and align photos based on known photographic principles.

Review your last photos quickly with the review button.

Finally the big photo button makes it easy to capture those photos without having to try and tap the tiny photo button potentially missing that candid shot. Just tap the screen to take the photo.

We also keep track of the number of photos you are taking with a little reminder in the upper corner. Reset the count to zero by tapping it.

Start using this camera app today and you will quickly be replacing the default camera application.

Please Note: This Application requires an iPhone. It will not work with an iPod Touch or an iPad since neither device has a camera.

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